Readers are known to be shopping with their eyes. Hence, the book covers that are the most attractive prove to be selected for purchase. Due to this very importance that these cover designs hold, authors are seen to be placing immense focus on designing book covers that are great. However; this is a task that does not make it to the skill sets of an author. An author may be great at writing, however; is not meant to be good at designing.

The logos of accounting companies are meant to reflect the idea of security, trustworthiness, and reliability. Without these elements made a part of the brand, the company can go nowhere. Hence, designing a logo for an accounting firm is a task that has to be dealt with precision and care. There are several accounting firms in the industry that have more or less the same kind of logo designs. A few elements are thought to be reflecting the concept of confidence and hence, are used extensively by all the companies without experimenting with new ideas. Due to this very reason the industry has driven itself into uniformity and clutter.


How many times have you heard people saying and believing in this phrase? Many, right? Ever wondered what is it in the cover that forces people to make perceptions. There has to be something in it that tends to capture attention and that something has to be powerful enough to make people create idols or destroy the ones already created.