There are multiple ways to lock down your WordPress site against outside risks and attackers using protective code to create layers of security. While all of these layers are an excellent starting point, there is a slew of straightforward things you can add to further envelop your site against hackers, spam, and trash. We have eight tips to enhance the layers of security for your WordPress site further.

A brand can have several elements facilitating it in its growth. However; one element, namely the brand’s logo, proves to be the most important amongst all. It is the logo that a customer comes across first when having an encounter with the brand. Hence, the level of appeal that a logo contains, determines the success that a brand will receive in its market.

Developing an appreciation for how the user experience influences conversion rates on a website is important. There’s a back and forth problem with how poor UX and conversion rate optimization interact. Many UX-heavy websites and apps end up narrowly focused on looking good and providing excellent navigation and conversion rate optimizers often overlook the advantages of UX.


A business card is an essential tool for personal marketing. Many employees carry their cards while exchanging them in meetings, to make others aware of their business and their position in the organization. It is the sharing of these contact details that people find ease in connecting with potential clients while bringing them onboard.