best book cover designs

Rather than the content written in it, a book is bound to impress its customers with the energy displayed on its cover. Although it’s almost a sin in the book world to judge a book by its cover, still one can’t deny the power of the good-looking book. Let’s be honest, you can’t expect a reader to have superpowers to pass through the cover and look into the matter of the book in bookstores, of course,


The relevancy factor while designing memorable business cards is often neglected, not only the designer but the customer themselves has very minimal knowledge of their brands. Business cards, nowadays, are the first thing that you hand over to your potential customers hoping to catch some genuine attention. However, by neglecting factors like relevancy and other basic principles, only negative feedbacks are achieved.


Since the time human race stepped into the era of trends, I mean the 20th century, things have always seen the hype. Whether it’s about social media trends, food trend or even business trends, people always try to build everything as ‘trends’. Here’s what the pandits of marketing predicted about the trending logos in 2018.