Logo designs are expected to be different with regards to their concept, design, and style. This distinction compels them to be priced differently while simultaneously making it impossible to settle on a universal price for the same. This brings about the question “how much should a professional logo design cost?”

Best Framework for Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites are trending these days. Internet addicts have now become on-the-go users and hence are using the Internet through devices other than their laptops. These people find convenience in the use of handheld gadgets and therefore; are likely to be seen using their smart phones or tablets for the same.

Things to Do Before Launching Your Brand

Brands are launched, into the market, after a thorough process that is both painstakingly slow and tireless. It requires months of planning and years of research to come up with a brand that can succeed in capturing hearts. Though being a long process, if done correctly, the results that a business could reap are commendable.

Evolution is a constant part of nature and hence, is commonly observed everywhere around us in things that are tangible and intangible. Logos too fall on the list of intangibles that tend to evolve over time. All the famous brand logos that the world has known have been tweaked by their makers at different points in time.

How to Design a T-shirt Logo

Printing a company’s logo on t-shirts has been the newest trend these days. Businesses take pride in flaunting their customized t-shirts at conferences and workshops while also giving them off as gifts to their loyal customers.