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A brand persona is characterized by its façade as well as what lies beyond its visually-bound state. It doesn’t depend on how big or small your brand is; it depends on your ability to align its values and core messages parallel to the process of building your brand. A man is known by the company he keeps, but a business is known by the audience it keeps. Each brand needs to establish a strong customer base-

In the contemporary world, digital business has almost outshined all other forms of businesses. This makes us question the durability of different forms of advertising as well. Let’s begin highlighting how digital marketing has successfully managed to sabotage the importance of traditional marketing. It might seem disturbing to read against digital marketing on a ‘blog’ and that too on a ‘digital marketing service’ website,

The hiring of a graphic designer does not come with a flat fee. Designers charge different projects differently and hence, a standard deal can never be prepared for all. In fact, it is likely for a single designer to charge a different price each time for the same kind of work. The price for hiring a designer is actually a result of certain aspects of the design process that determine what fee a designer would charge for the work.

Readers are known to be shopping with their eyes. Hence, the book covers that are the most attractive prove to be selected for purchase. Due to this very importance that these cover designs hold, authors are seen to be placing immense focus on designing book covers that are great. However; this is a task that does not make it to the skill sets of an author. An author may be great at writing, however; is not meant to be good at designing.