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Logo Design


Since the time human race stepped into the era of trends, I mean the 20th century, things have always seen the hype. Whether it’s about social media trends, food trend or even business trends, people always try to build everything as ‘trends’. Here’s what the pandits of marketing predicted about the trending logos in 2018.

First thing first, let’s begin this blog by addressing that why is it necessary to even have a logo, in the first place? Even if you’re not associated with marketing, it’s easy to understand what difference can a logo make for your organization. The primary goal of marketing is to make an impression by displaying creativity upfront, in other words, things like a logo design are the face of your brand. And to be true to human nature, an appealing face can do wonders

The hiring of a graphic designer does not come with a flat fee. Designers charge different projects differently and hence, a standard deal can never be prepared for all. In fact, it is likely for a single designer to charge a different price each time for the same kind of work. The price for hiring a designer is actually a result of certain aspects of the design process that determine what fee a designer would charge for the work.

Finding a logo designer, and that also a good one, can be the trickiest of all tasks. You may find them in abundance on the Internet or working in agencies, however; filtering the best from the mediocre is a task that is not only difficult but time taking as well.